Aristo Quartet


What instruments are in a string quartet?
Joseph Haydn, who is credited with the "invention" of the string quartet as we know it, established the standard instrumentation of 2 violins, viola and cello between 1750 and 1803.

Why a quartet and not - say - a trio?
For the same reason your car has four wheels and not three. It works better.
On a more serious note though, the main reason is that you lose most of that incredible repertoire. For example, a prolific composer like Mozart wrote only 1 string trio, versus 23 string quartets.

How does the quartet dress?
The dress code is normally formal: dark suit.
In the summer: white shirt, tie (long tie) and black pants.

What do you require to perform?
The quartet requires only 4 upright chairs without arms in an area ideally cca. 2,5 x 2,5 m.
If that is not quite possible, don't worry, we have squeezed into some tight places on occasion.

Are you willing to play outdoors?
Yes, we play glad and often. In these conditions: temperature higher than 15°C, full shade (especially in summer) and no rain. Our main concerns are the safety of the instruments and being able to perform well.

Do you play for dinner also?
Yes – our repertoire contains around 200 pieces, so we can play „background music“.